Martin Chadwick is an artist who works with many mediums, including oils and ceramics. The diversity in Martin’s art often reflects his diverse life and experiences, from being raised in a 16th century pub to living and working in London, Hong Kong, and Chicago.

Martin paints and sculpts in the style of surrealism. He has always been enchanted by such things as oxidization, rust, patinated metals and crumbling structures, old foundries and abandoned buildings. Things that people would normally think ugly or just pass by, he on the other hand sees its beauty and its history. He then incorporates those images into his art so others may unwittingly experience that beauty. He is also fascinated with nature – vines and wood – and his work often blends man-made images with nature in his painting, sculptures, and ceramic pots.

Martin has always been considered a dreamer, and many who view his work comment on whether his art is born from his dreams.

Martin grew up in England and began drawing, painting, and sculpting at a young age. He spent over 30 years as an architectural model maker, creating models for buildings from Chicago to Dubai. Martin currently lives in Denver with his wife Christi and his two cats.